Bye bye…

A pleasant day, reader. Although, it’s not a pleasant day for me.

It’s a sad news to hear that my cat suddenly passed away. His cause of death is unknown. He looked well the last time I saw him. He just died later in the night. I am shocked and puzzled to find out this happened. Continue reading “Bye bye…”

Theft incident

I guess I could post this now that the heat has cooled off

Brief story

June 27 around 15:00-16:00 GMT+8:00, my laptop was stolen along with the external hard drive and headset. Honestly, I did feel bad about losing my files and I had a few rage attacks for the past six weeks. I got a few pics there. I don’t think I had backups on my desktop. Though, I do recall making copies of some. I’m probably mixing up memories. The hard drive, however, had no backups. Though, 80% of all files are recoverable through outside sources.

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Mid-year Term

Welp. After a one-week break, I’m back to school. While I’ll only be attending three-hour classes per day from Monday to Saturday, I’m still sad I never had a decent break. Although, after the first term of the next school year, I’ll be giving myself a three-month break. I just hope my parents agree on that. I’ve been studying for three years straight without having a decent break. Perhaps a change of pace would be nice. I’m already a year late so I know I should keep enrolling and finish my studies but I’ve lost interest to study for now.

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Relaunched Site

Welp. I finally got my chance to get my site back up. I reinstalled Windows on my desktop so I decided for a fresh install of WordPress.

There isn’t so much changes but I hope you like the header video. It took quite an effort to make that!

My site is not fully done yet. I still have to re-add and re-organize things like adding Discord invite links, contact information, and probably more. I’ll do them when I feel like it.