Mid-year Term

Welp. After a one-week break, I’m back to school. While I’ll only be attending three-hour classes per day from Monday to Saturday, I’m still sad I never had a decent break. Although, after the first term of the next school year, I’ll be giving myself a three-month break. I just hope my parents agree on that. I’ve been studying for three years straight without having a decent break. Perhaps a change of pace would be nice. I’m already a year late so I know I should keep enrolling and finish my studies but I’ve lost interest to study for now.

The classes I’m taking this term are Advance Engineering Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics. It’ll be my first time taking those two but I’ll do my best to try and earn a high grade. By next term, I wish I can start taking my majors so I can finally advance to higher classes. But eh, with the Computer Engineering population in our school is getting lower, my chances of graduating sooner are getting slimmer. Not only that but the new curriculum for the upcoming college freshmen would be… fresh. This means I’ll have a harder time enrolling in to classes. Hopefully, there’s a way to transfer over to the new curriculum when that happens.

That’s it for this post. I know it’s a boring read but if you managed to reach this point, thank you for taking your time to read.

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