Becoming a Computer Technician

Computers had come a long way since the first computer was invented. The first programmable computer, the Z1, was created by a German between 1936 and 1938. The computer setup even took an entire room for everything to fit! With today’s computers, they can fit in our pockets now thanks to nano-technology.

How I began…

This story isn’t special. My father offered to send me to a vocational school when I was in high school. I accepted his offer and I got my Computer Technician certificate after 60 hours of training. The training wasn’t hard because outside the training are even bigger problems to resolve. You have a mentor telling you what to do and what not to do. Even in classrooms, not all problems are discussed. The professors only teach the basics and it is up to the students to connect the dots and solve the problem.

Everyone has to start on something. After I finished the course, I started offering my service to my classmates. It was mostly installing Windows as most of their computers were beyond troubleshooting. There is more than to installing Windows, though. Some service that are to be offered are hardware maintenance and upgrades, virus removal, advising, and data recovery.

Is computer repair service profitable?

It is. According to Lifewire, the expected hourly rate for repairing a computer is 50 to 75 USD. You don’t have to worry about replacement parts or software purchases as the customer will be the one to shoulder it. This means that a repair service will be mostly profit. As a freelancer, do consider rents and bills, though. Your workplace is a liability as well.

Maybe you are skeptical because you think you might not have customers. For freelance technicians, it’s normal! No one knows you yet because you haven’t showed anyone what you can do. Every starting business wouldn’t have as much customers until it has built its customer base. When in doubt, I recommend working on a reputable computer repair services. You are guaranteed to have something to fix while also encountering different problems and learning how to fix those. When you’ve built up your knowledge and starting capital, you have the option to move to freelance repair service. Linus Sebastian, a Youtuber, also started at being a technician at NCIX and left the company after building enough capital to start his Youtube career. Today, he has more than 7.8 million subscribers, has several sponsors, and has expanded his company, Linus Media Group. His success is a proof that anyone can start from being simple before moving to something more complicated.

The worst thing you can do is to give up before you even start seeing the fruits of your labor. You may be disheartened when you fail to see customers but if you think you are bound to fail, consider the problems why you couldn’t attract customers and try to get their attention on your next shot. If you feel like you are bound to fail, trust your gut and do something before failure starts knocking on your door.


According to experimac, computer sales alone had a rapid growth from 2000 units sold in 1960 to more than 65 million units sold per quarter in 2015. This only means that computers had become more popular in the past decade. The trend is increasing at an exponential rate and will unlikely decline.

In 2010, there were an estimated 550,000 Americans employed in the computer maintenance industry. By 2014, it has grown to over 750,000. Over 70% of the people in the industry work for the maintenance and repair. The other 30% are for businesses and management.

With the growing number of devices around the world, the demand for repairmen is also growing. A computer technician is now an irreplaceable workforce in the industry because technicians will always have something to fix and the industry will need computers in their businesses. Even more independent businesses are starting to employ computers in their workplace.

Is being a computer repairman right for you?

Being a repairman doesn’t always mean repairing something. Your duties as a repairman includes but is not limited to learning problems and how to resolve them, writing a recommendation when someone asks for it, and staying updated with the latest technology and hardware releases. We sometimes encounter problems we don’t know how to fix but we still do. Thinking outside the box is a must for every technician.

Being a technician isn’t limited to just repairing. You are also free to learn more about computers and what you can do with it. Computers are powerful machines. You can draw a character and then animate it. You can run a website from you home without consulting with experts. As a freelance, you have more control on your time than those who are employed. Use your free time learning to explore more possibilities.

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