My First Date

The title is self-explanatory: I had my first date. Ironically, it’s someone I kinda hated but we’re on good terms now.  I’ll name her JellyBean in this post.

Who is JellyBean?

I met JellyBean when I was in 6th grade and she was in 4th grade. It was year 2011. She started crushing on me just as we met. She’s a playful girl but shy when I’m around. We didn’t hang out that long as I graduated grade school some three months after we met. After my graduation, we didn’t get to see each other. We started chatting over the internet some three years later.

Our date..

October 22, 2018: I waited around 3.40pm in a Dunkin’ Donuts shop. I bought a chocolate drink as I wait for her. She was messaging me complaining that she doesn’t know how to cross a busy road. I thought she’d drop off by the fast food next to the doughnut shop rather than across it. Meanwhile, I kept joking that I’m not meeting her on the other side of the avenue. Don’t worry. I didn’t really meant that. I’m just a little cruel. I waited some five minutes until she entered the shop.

She was in her mini skirt and closed-neck shirt. They both complemented each other. I liked it. I expected her to be in her jeans rather than skirt. This wasn’t supposed to be a date in the first place. She brought a novel she hasn’t read yet.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked.
“I don’t know” she said.
“By the lake?” I inquired.
“Sure.” she replied.

As we walk up there, it was silence. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t really know how to start a conversation in the first place. She was so close to me. As we’re about to cross the road, she grabbed my shirt tight. I figured I could hold her wrist at least but she was behind me. We passed by my old high school. “That’s where I went for my high school. They also have a Bachelor’s program in psychology.” I knew she was considering to take the program for her college so I suggested that school. Although, they don’t really provide nice education and facilities.

We finally got up the hill to the lake sides. One nice view with blue skies as the sun is about to set. “That’s where my college friends and I went to. That little white dot over there.” I pointed to the small white dot some few kilometers away. She moved from my right to my left. She somehow leaned on my back as she moves. She mentioned “I want to go there”. I told her “I can bring you there. But we gotta go there early if you don’t want the noon heat.”

We went down the hill but we passed by the park instead of taking The Staircase of Death. “I know someone who fell down there.” “What happened to her?” “Her chin broke. Not exactly nice.” There was another silence. “I haven’t gone here for quite some time now”. Suddenly, she pushed me forward. “What is it?” “I saw my classmate back in junior high school. I don’t know if he recognized me.” We proceeded our way down. She went first. She hurriedly went down and got down pretty fast. “I remember shops by the roadside. Where are those?” “They should still be there. I haven’t gone here for quite some time.” The shops weren’t there. “They were probably moved. The asphalt looks fresh so probably some road works not so long ago.” We continued to walk and pointed at the new sidewalk. “These sidewalks are not exactly new. I guess just as I started college, they constructed these.” After a few meters of walking, she uttered “I want to take walk the circumference of the lake side. I haven’t done it before.” “Okay. Let’s take a lap.”

We started walking side-by-side exchanging stories about our school lives and such. We saw a sign that says “1 of 3.7 km.” “Huh?! We just only walked a kilometer?” She started complaining and turned back. “You’re not going anywhere.” I put my arms over her back and made sure she doesn’t try to get away. “We’ll finish the circumference of the lake.” She went along with it. I saw some new buildings under construction. One of which is some kind of a small fish market. It’s still closed but it’s obviously a fish market. After a few hundred meters, I shared her stories about the lake: The legend of the lake, the immeasurable depth of the lake, the lake’s connection the other lake, and how the lake is the mouth of an inactive volcano. Of course, none of those are actually true but who knows. We went along again. She noticed houses constructed by the cliff. It’s another sign: 2 of 3.7 kilometers. She got confused with it: one side says 2.0 of 3.7 km while the other says 1.7 of 3.7 km. I had to take a short while to explain what’s with it. Hopefully, she understood it. She is quite an airhead (Sorry, JellyBean). We continued on. A few hundred meters later, I pointed to the small staircase. “Up there is where my high school friend lives.” On random occasions, I’d grabbed her shoulders and switch sides. Only to switch back, though. Was this girl intentionally doing that so I’d grab her shoulders again? And did I forget to mention that she smiles on random intervals?

We finally completed a lap around the lake. It was 5pm. We sat on a bench. We talked about our future plans. She isn’t sure of hers but she wanted to take either Psychology of Literature. My plan was to take another bachelor’s degree. I stared at her. Her hair started covering her face. She doesn’t have earrings. She has dimples but rather next to the mouth instead. She has dental braces that doesn’t look nice for her. Time changed her so much she doesn’t look like how she looked back in grade school. I had a necklace for her that goes well with her headband. I just couldn’t figure out the timing of when to give it. I ended up forgetting about it. We were waiting for her friend. “Oh, she has her boyfriend with her. I guess I’ll be a third wheel again.” “Do you want me to accompany you?” “Yeah! Come with us.”

Some forty minutes later, her friends arrived and I went with them. She suddenly went to them. She hugged her friend. They had a short chat. JellyBean introduced me to her friend. She mentioned something like writing their names on the balcony. What a bad girl she is. She sat on the balcony. She wondered what would happen if she fell. “Try falling. There’s no one to catch you, though.” I said in a sarcastic tone. We walked to a 7-eleven. I pointed at the city capitol and told her that it’s that. I grabbed her shoulder again and guided her to the sidewalk. A road to cross and she grabbed my shirt again. I heard her laugh for the first time inside the convenience store. It wasn’t lady-like. We walked towards the market. We passed by a hospital and told her that it’s where my little brother was born. Oh, an avenue to cross. “Ladies first”, I joked. JellyBean grabbed my shirt again. We went to a McDonald’s. I treated them to fries and ice cream. They had a long chitchat as I eat my dinner in peace. She mentioned her hand being cold. She grabbed her friend’s hand. Then she grabbed my arm. It was indeed cold. After we (well, I ) ate, JellyBean wanted to go to the night market. I grabbed her wrist as we cross then held her shoulders as we walk. We passed by a toy booth. She was amused. Some ten minutes later, she had to go home.

That pretty much concludes our date. It’s not sweet but I guess it’s a good start for us.

My Lone Time…

I broke off from the group. I took a walk in a street mall. I put on my headphones. I usually enjoy my lone time. I wanted to buy some churros. I went to a mall. She texted me with her thanks and that she got home. I texted back telling her I’m in a mall. She asked me to buy her deodorant but I couldn’t find what she wanted. I went home shortly after that.


I got home. I ate my churros. I texted her I’m home. I told her complements I couldn’t back in the date. It was fun.

She’s happy. I’m happy.

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