Theft incident

I guess I could post this now that the heat has cooled off

Brief story

June 27 around 15:00-16:00 GMT+8:00, my laptop was stolen along with the external hard drive and headset. Honestly, I did feel bad about losing my files and I had a few rage attacks for the past six weeks. I got a few pics there. I don’t think I had backups on my desktop. Though, I do recall making copies of some. I’m probably mixing up memories. The hard drive, however, had no backups. Though, 80% of all files are recoverable through outside sources.

The theft

The theft occurred in my room at dorm. I always leave my laptop on my table. I only had three-hour classes per day. I figured I won’t be using it in class so I decided to leave it there all the time. I was in class the time the theft happened.

My eyes

I was doing a seatwork when the manager messaged me of a new applicant in our room. The message says, “You have a new roommate. Be cautious. I’m having doubts. His behavior is strange. He said he’ll pursue a Master’s degree in your school. He claimed that he’s an engineer but I can’t find his name on the PRC‘s website.”

Master’s degree? I’ve never heard of it being offered in our school. I checked the school’s website and I found none. I informed the manager that I don’t believe that Master’s program is being offered in our school. The manager called me and asked me to confirm it. I went to the admission office and inquired. My suspicion was right: There are no Master’s degree in our school. I informed her. Later, she told me she denied application.

Ten minutes later I was called. “Your laptop was stolen”, the manager says.

The manager’s story

The “applicant” inquired for available rooms. As part of SOP, The manager showed him around. He has to pass an interview first as he’s not a student of our school, though. He was first introduced the room below us. The doorknob broke. The manager told him to come back another day. He insisted in looking for a room because he “wanted to settle in” the same day.

The manager brought him to our room. They had a chitchat for a little while because it started raining hard that time. The thief started clearing his bed. He asked for a blanket. The manager went to the kitchen and got a blanket. Just as the manager handed over the blanket, he blocked the manager’s view of the room. The manager sat down in the lobby outside our room. The manager started researching the validity of his engineering license. The thief proceeded with his business of cleaning up (the table, that is).

After a crime, we all know a criminal would want to leave the crime scene sooner than later. The thief said he’ll be “eating at a fast food and to withdraw from an ATM so he can pay the deposit fees”. The manager escorted him outside.

A few minutes later, the manager checked our room. My gadgets are gone.

Who is the thief?

During the interview with him, he was asked to provide an identification. While I have no means of confirming the validity of this ID, the person on the image is the real deal.

Police investigation

They arrived around 21:00. They did interviews and checked the room.  The police cannot do anything unless a complaint has been filed. This is a matter I cannot handle just by myself. I have no funds for court hearings and a lawyer. The court will hold him innocent unless proven otherwise. Hard evidences are difficult to find. Remember the blanket? He probably wiped his fingerprints off the scene. Without evidence, he’s not guilty of such crime and will eventually be released. That just leaves him the opportunity to hunt me. And he’ll know exactly where to find me.

Who is to blame?

No one but him, really. It’s not up for debate. I’m not to blame for leaving my laptop in my room because what’s the point of living in a dorm? It’s not the manager’s fault for not knowing his true intent.

Next plans…

I don’t know.

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  1. I really feel bad talaga sa nangyari. Hope na wala na syang mabiktimang iba pa. This should be a lesson na be careful na lang siguro sa mga personal belongings, wag na siguro mag iwan sa table. As much as possible itago na lang sa cabinet pag aalis 😊

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