I love playing games. I’ve been playing games since 2011 and I only played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at that time.  It was indeed a fun time. I started with my kill/death ratio always being less than 1. After some 150 hours of playing, I’ve improved but only by a little. These days, I’m not playing games so much. However, I will one day return in to gaming.

At first, I was only playing first-person shooters. I’ve explored other genres with Assassin’s Creed as my first role-playing game. It was an amazing experience. I’ve explored to another genre which is Aveyond. While the game is very simple, it was pretty challenging and took me around 15 hours to finish the game as opposed to other major titles.

Even if I’m not playing games so much these days, I will always love gaming. I play other genres like racing, visual novels, and rhythm games.

Links below are my gaming accounts. Feel free to add me but please identify yourself as a visitor of this site.

Battlelog (Battlefield 4)
Battlelog (Battlefield 3)
Rockstar Games Social Club

Series I love the most

Call of Duty
Assassin’s Creed
Mass Effect
Rainbow Six: Siege