I love watching anime. I’ve started watching anime around year 2006. Yakitate!! Japan, Mirmo de Pon, and the Digimon series were my favorite. I stopped but resumed around 2014 with Hayate the Combat Butler, Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts. I used to marathon shows watching a series a day. Starting 2017, I now catch up to anime on-air to keep up.

I watch a wide variety of genres. My favorite ones are adventure, comedy, slice-of-life, drama, ecchi, and fantasy.

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Personal recommendation

Romance – Awww… look at how sweet they are

Drama – Tissues not included

Action – Save the world or die trying

Comedy – Have a laugh and enjoy the show

Slice of Life – A daily life with the main character

Fantasy – When real-world scenarios wouldn’t work, create one

Moe – Fun-filled diabetic comedy shows

Ecchi – A good tickle for your green mind

Dark – What’s wrong with sending people to hell?

Disclaimer: May include scenes of extreme content including but not limited to violence, blood, gore, drug use, and bullying. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mystery – OwO what’s this?

Thriller – Why is my heart racing?