About Me

About Me

I’m not a sociable person. I’m an introvert but I do not hate face-to-face conversations. I am very active on the internet and I talk a lot on discussion boards and Discord servers.

I’m a computer enthusiast in general. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. I like learning something new everyday. My father gave me a chance to attend a 60-hour seminar for a computer technician certificate. I didn’t really turn such opportunity into a business. I wanted to learn more rather than settle on something small. Some things I learned are web hosting, video encoding, animation, and typesetting.

I consider myself an otaku. While I don’t like reading manga and light novels, I always watch anime. It started with Baka and Test and Hayate the Combat Butler on Animax. I became active in cosplay and anime conventions in 2016. It was fun. I have two terabytes of high quality anime archive. Although, I couldn’t touch them because I started watching airing anime. I watch about fifteen shows per season.

I tried to establish fansub group. I failed, though. My interest in fansubbing got killed by lack of motivation to work on projects. I was a lone fansubber. I did five episodes of Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties back in 2014. I never progressed after that. I joined FirimeNoTame. I still failed. We were only a pair in the group. We didn’t get support that much because our name is not big in the anime community. I will try again. This time, I will not settle with just editing subtitles and slapping them on already-encoded raw videos. I will focus on video encoding and typesetting.

I’m a gamer. Well, kind of. This is a pretty ironic story: I played a lot when I had few games. I’ve grown my library to 700+ but I started losing interest in them. My first game was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I became hooked on it back in high school and played it more than do my school works. I play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege these days.

I’m currently a Site Administration of two websites. I manage this personal blog site and No PC No Life community. Although, I started with self-hosting my personal website on my computer as an experiment. I moved to Hostinger. It’s not the best but it’s the cheapest I know. I’m also Animeish’s Search System Database Manager.


I’m a computer enthusiast, student, gamer, otaku, fansub, encoder, site administrator. I plan to study game development and animation some time in the future.

If you would like to get in touch, please do so through the following channels:

Email: contact@ridon428.xyz
Discord: ridon428#9184
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ridon428