Bye bye…

A pleasant day, reader. Although, it’s not a pleasant day for me.

It’s a sad news to hear that my cat suddenly passed away. His cause of death is unknown. He looked well the last time I saw him. He just died later in the night. I am shocked and puzzled to find out this happened.

He was born in our house. I raised him well. He knows how to behave. I trained him to rest on my lap when I tap on my lap. Sometimes, I tap on the sofa to call him to the sofa. He always curl up when I do that. I’m allergic to cats but even so I keep petting him. His favorite place to sleep is on the microwave up high in the kitchen. Since I started college, I never get to pet him as frequent as before. I remember him bringing a dead rat on my bed. He climb up on my bag of anime stuffs and pushed it down to the floor. He slept on my old laptop. He likes the heat of the top exhaust coming out of my desktop. He sometimes interrupt my work by blocking my monitor. He doesn’t like sleeping on my bed but he would sleep on it if I lay down the microfiber cloth on it. He’s made quite a dirt mark on my wall. I don’t think I’d want to clean it.

He’s the best cat I ever had. I wish I had more time to spend with him.

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