A very important announcement

June 27 around 15:00-16:00 GMT+8:00, my laptop was stolen along with my external hard drive and headphones.

While the laptop isn’t that great of importance, the files it houses does. I’m not supposed to make this announcement but now that I’ve thought how great the damage the theft would incur, I now feel obliged to disclose as much as possible to what happened before the damages are done. To avoid finger-pointing, I won’t disclose how the theft happened.

We’ll start from the least important

More than two terabytes of projects are gone. These aren’t related to my academics and are just a hobby of mine. I do feel bad about it, though. Most of them are irreplaceable. Actually, nearly all of them are irreplaceable.

Most memes there are also lost and I don’t have backups of those at home.

Some save data of my games are also lost but I almost never play these days.

My friends’ email accounts is there. I’ve informed them to change their passwords immediately. The thief has access to the accounts but the important ones are protected with two-factor authentication.

Assuming he has my password to login

Because of lack of computer access, I am yet to start changing passwords. The laptop has my Last Pass credentials so he practically has access to all of my accounts not protected by two-factor authentication.

My computer at home can be remotely controled but I’ve shut off the ports to prevent anyone from doing so.

DNS settings of my domain is accessible. This means this site can be brought down in a few clicks without needing to hack anything.

The bigger issue

The laptop has my facebook data generated some two weeks ago. While my laptop is password-protected, that doesn’t stop anyone from plugging the hard drive in a different machine and mining data. The mined data may be leaked online which includes messages of everyone I’m connected to on facebook. While he doesn’t have to take actions like changing passwords, it is better he’s aware of the colateral damage done by the theft. I am in no way responsible beyond this for I am not in control anymore and anyone aware agree to waive their rights to pursue a case against me for leaked messages.

These are only possibilities. I’m not saying these will happen but I’m saying these might happen. This is as far as I know to what may occur. I do doubt the worst can be done but we never know what happens next.

Next actions

I don’t know but I will figure it out soon.

For starters, consulting with an expert before deciding for a more appropriate actions. The police has done their preliminary investigation and it is under my discretion to pursue a case or not. For now, my objective is to lower further damage before recovering the gadgets. Pursuing the case is a story yet to be told.

The damage is of small magnitude but may be worsen if an effort is made by the fugitive.

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